Friday, August 13, 2010

Giving new birth to medical books, where are creative industries?


Don't you think this book needs a new face?

This is so injustice for this "Tile of the book" where it seriously needs a new face and refreshing ideas to sell in the market. It still stands in with its poor design.

There are hugh list of medical books in the market shelves. What is lacking behind is the poorly design covers. Is it because the medical books does not require a marketing or it has been ignored because it is itself a selling product due to health being a crucial issue that we need them in our daily life. No offense to medical students with thick glasses who are book worms who does not judge the books by its cover.

While talking about the book cover i found a book on Alzhimer disease, I went through hugh list of books on but none of the cover really interested me. Probably, i judge the book by it's cover. I admit ...Yes i do!!

The picture shown above is one of the book cover of my interest, simple font, simple colour , simple layout. Although, it still stands in the amazon shop list for consumers around the world.
What a shame to creative industries.

Therefore, i wanted to give a new birth to this title. I had a picture taken in this theme in a photo studio while i was in my first year at uni.

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