Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo Shoot!!!

Just suffered with this terrible back ache problem. Never mind i manage to utilize my valuable time with the creative idea that came out for my Bulgarian Holiday theme. I was more inspired by looking at the Bulgarian souvenier when i went on my ski holiday.

1> Priority of the day was to shoot many pictures of Bulgarian dolls for my promotional piece.
Finally i made it !!!

Although, there are some missing ingredients to it. Therefore, i decided to make some paper mountain. Simple crafted paper mountain with snow seemed to be my requirement. Not to forget the cloud. I decided to utilize my camera inorder to find a creative solution. I wanted the shadow of my cloud. I think i knew what i want.

Here you go after many many shots , i found the right picture. Still photoshop expertise need to take effect. Anyway, love the shadow of the cloud. Well done me!!

Finally, my reward my achievement here you are.
Just love it. How inviting you are towards the tourism market of Bulgaria.
Well done me again!!!!!

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