Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why do we have a Lion logo on British eggs??

I presume, most of us here start our day with scrambled, boiled and egg sandwiches. But what we tend to forget is: Why does the British egg company has a lion logo in their egg? It seems like the British egg company design and marketing team has forgot to do their home work.

It is after all an egg business, what are they trying to prove with a lion logo in each and every eggs. Hello!! a lion does not lay egg. It is not a lion business after all. Therefore, i think it is not a justice to hens who produces eggs for us. It is such a pitty that if hen could have had their unity and sued the british egg company they could have lost a lot of money. No offense to the British egg company. It is just my blog.

Considering, the above matter i have designed a logo for a british egg company bearing that in mind that " British eggs are produced and packed under the strict hygiene standards. There is no evidence to suggest that avain flu can be transmitted to human through consumption of eggs."

It is vaccinated against salmonia, healthy and an asset of british value with a crowned hen.

Logo again!!!

Now logo logo and logo. What is logo? What does it stands for? Why do we need them? The answer for all these question in one word is "identity". Unlike, Darpan (myself) with chinky eyes and round face and who likes to design is my identity.

In a same way, every company needs to represent their existence with help of logo as a form of their identity. I had a brief that came out just 6 hours ago to design a logo for this chap who always got weird business ideas. Therefore, i just started working around with what he wanted. As i am myself, not a fit person who is working on this brief that what makes me laugh.

Olrite, here you go man.

Grapes and Bites

Here you go "Grapes and Bites". A brain storming idea that came out when i got a brief from my friend about her project. She wanted me to design a logo. It really was an interesting brief to look at. My attempt here was to illustrate a sexy lip biting grapes and highlight the subject matter with a colorful typography.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Book Cover!!!

There are plenty of books in Ebay online book store which seriously needs a new face.
"The Art of Golf" is the another unhappy book which is begging to give it a new life.
I had this golf ball image from the photoshop class while i was in uni during my first year. I thought this image will be the perfect match for the following title. Probably, The text would benefit if it could have had the same colour as the metal.

I would give it a go with golden metal colour effect later when i got plenty of time.
It's highly time for me to get some rest. As my beds inviting me for a good night sleep.

Business Card, Letter head, Logo design !!!!

Just another attempt on my Typography skills. Type on the logo was done in illustrator.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just another day. A day for playing along with texts. Thanks to Adobe Indesign for the amount of different texts it contains. Didot, Didot Italic and Helvetica are the main texts i played with.
All in all a good attempt. What a pleasure!!!!

Final product!!!

Just making an effort as a promotional piece. Looks good though.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spanish illustrator Marta Antelo

Marta Antelo is one of the spanish illustrator who has her own distinctive creative style. Her works are very playful with harmony with bright subtile colours.

Fortunately, one of my collegue who works me with ask me to check his cousins website who is an illustrator too. When i checked her website i was just intrigued with her work.

It is worth looking at her work. She is just great!!!

New Face to alzhimers book cover


As mentioning the poorly design medical book. I came across one of the picture i have taken in my first year at uni in photo studio. The title was "Alzhimer". It really was a vast topic and had to find the best shoot to get the topic stands out. After many shoots i was able to get it right.

Giving new birth to medical books, where are creative industries?


Don't you think this book needs a new face?

This is so injustice for this "Tile of the book" where it seriously needs a new face and refreshing ideas to sell in the market. It still stands in with its poor design.

There are hugh list of medical books in the market shelves. What is lacking behind is the poorly design covers. Is it because the medical books does not require a marketing or it has been ignored because it is itself a selling product due to health being a crucial issue that we need them in our daily life. No offense to medical students with thick glasses who are book worms who does not judge the books by its cover.

While talking about the book cover i found a book on Alzhimer disease, I went through hugh list of books on but none of the cover really interested me. Probably, i judge the book by it's cover. I admit ...Yes i do!!

The picture shown above is one of the book cover of my interest, simple font, simple colour , simple layout. Although, it still stands in the amazon shop list for consumers around the world.
What a shame to creative industries.

Therefore, i wanted to give a new birth to this title. I had a picture taken in this theme in a photo studio while i was in my first year at uni.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what have i been doing so far ????

I wonder what have i been doing so far? Where are my creative ability, vision ? Where are my works? Demolished???? Questions to be asked my creative fellas.

My hands are just stuck with my Mac looking forward to grab
some work. I was just flipping over my old stuffs. I found a lot of unfinished self promotional work. Literally, for three days i have been playing with it. Somehow
great results !!!

Here are the examples of some work:

Photo Shoot!!!

Just suffered with this terrible back ache problem. Never mind i manage to utilize my valuable time with the creative idea that came out for my Bulgarian Holiday theme. I was more inspired by looking at the Bulgarian souvenier when i went on my ski holiday.

1> Priority of the day was to shoot many pictures of Bulgarian dolls for my promotional piece.
Finally i made it !!!

Although, there are some missing ingredients to it. Therefore, i decided to make some paper mountain. Simple crafted paper mountain with snow seemed to be my requirement. Not to forget the cloud. I decided to utilize my camera inorder to find a creative solution. I wanted the shadow of my cloud. I think i knew what i want.

Here you go after many many shots , i found the right picture. Still photoshop expertise need to take effect. Anyway, love the shadow of the cloud. Well done me!!

Finally, my reward my achievement here you are.
Just love it. How inviting you are towards the tourism market of Bulgaria.
Well done me again!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ski Bulgaria

I went on Ski holiday in Bulgaria and wanted to capture some moment with my drawing.
The whole experience made me think of drawing some images for childrens book on SKI.