Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why do we have a Lion logo on British eggs??

I presume, most of us here start our day with scrambled, boiled and egg sandwiches. But what we tend to forget is: Why does the British egg company has a lion logo in their egg? It seems like the British egg company design and marketing team has forgot to do their home work.

It is after all an egg business, what are they trying to prove with a lion logo in each and every eggs. Hello!! a lion does not lay egg. It is not a lion business after all. Therefore, i think it is not a justice to hens who produces eggs for us. It is such a pitty that if hen could have had their unity and sued the british egg company they could have lost a lot of money. No offense to the British egg company. It is just my blog.

Considering, the above matter i have designed a logo for a british egg company bearing that in mind that " British eggs are produced and packed under the strict hygiene standards. There is no evidence to suggest that avain flu can be transmitted to human through consumption of eggs."

It is vaccinated against salmonia, healthy and an asset of british value with a crowned hen.

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