Saturday, March 5, 2011

HCI - Human Centred Interface design -USABILITY & CHUNKING

Hmm.... It is interesting how HCI has shaken the design industries with certain obligations on what and how to perform the task by researching on how their users will perceive the design in world context usability.

Miller's argument towards chunking 7+_ rules for navigation was completely stuck inside my head. Somehow, it's hard to believe interpreanure internet companies like YAHOO and GOOLE has so many links. Does this mean Miller's argument was wrong ? or they are not doing their homework properly.

Thanks to my lecturer, who brought a guy from NU Creative the other day and where he mentioned according to his experience he is not applying those rules. He was in a same state of mind while he was a student.

It does not mean Millers argument on chunking was wrong. I believe he was right on a time when he wrote those books. At this stage 85% of the users these days are comfortable with the technology. Therefore, it does not really matter if there are many links or navigation in the website. What matters is the targeted audience. If the targeted audience are elderly people who has minimal experience of web and internet.

Therefore, careful considerations of chunking should be taken care on whom your product will be widely used by.

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